The Men and The PenquinsSurprising double bill!!!

Friday, 27 May 2016
St Paul’s Church Hall
164 Hampton Road, Beaconsfield

6:45pm ENTRY FREE.  The splendid Men of the West will perform a unique concert solely of traditional songs from Georgia in the magnificent acoustics of St Paul’s Church.  They will sing laments of courage, danger and loneliness.  Just 45 minutes of aural intrigue.

Immediately followed at 7:30pm by Trevor Robertson speaking about his Arctic/Antarctic Adventures in a one-hour talk.  Trevor will tell of courage, danger and loneliness.  And Frostbite.  Entry $10/$8 includes refreshments.

MOW PictogramThe Spooky Men of the West are now the Men of the West.  Yes, we have changed our name.  The reasons are too mysterious to explain, although if you happen to see a Man of the West and ask him nicely, he may whisper something into your shell-like ear.  But don’t believe anything he says.  The “act” will continue with elements of old and new as it would have done in the normal course of evolution.  The Men are still individually and collectively as spooky as they were before.  There is one thing that absolutely has not changed – we are definitely Not a Men’s Group!

The Spooky Men of the West will joint the Choir of Hard Knocks in Cannington on the 11th March.

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Flat Out 2

The Spooky Men adopt a laid-back approach to their Perth Fringe show

From the review by Annie Teh published in The West Australian, February 19, 2016.

“… the Spooky Men of the West have proved once again why they are beloved by their fans in WA. Delivering unique and gut-splitting lyrics with a straight face and brilliant acting, the group are a great example of home-grown talent with an indisputable track record of making you laugh. Man-laugh while riding a horse and chasing a mastodon, that is …”

Men of the West
Men of the West
The Men