See the Men 🗣🎶 in the midst - SATURDAY, 7 November 15:00

See the Men 🗣🎶 in the midst – SATURDAY, 7 November 15:00

2020 has seen the world lose out on a whole lot of singing. To make up for it, The Baden Street Singers are Back In Harmony – with friends to boot!

Celebrate the return of the Perth choral scene with a new show featuring major homegrown talent.

With the pop grooves of Rhythmos, the barbershop ring of A Cappella West, the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Naya Chorale and much, much more, Perth will sing once again at this harmonious weekend.

We bring you three shows this time, each with a different lineup – come to one, or come to all three!

This is a licensed event, so we’d love for you to stick around afterwards for some drinks, refreshment, photos and, of course, the company of your favourite singers.

  • Friday 7PM: The Baden Street Singers, Naya Chorale, Quorum & Wildcard Quartet
  • Saturday 3PM: The Baden Street Singers, A Cappella West, Men Of The West & The Lost Quays
  • Saturday 7PM: The Baden Street Singers, Rhythmos, The Lost Quays & The Resomancers


MOTW rehearsal

Caution – Men at work!

Join a vainglorious cohort of men with attitude and issues.

Rich voices and harmonies in the traditional Georgian style.

Laugh, weep, sing, clap, dance.

Rehearsal –

Thompson Rd, North Fremantle WA 6159, Australia

NEVER BEFORE have these two giants of choral madness appeared together on one stage. EXPERIENCE the MEN OF THE WEST and the BALLPOINT PENGUINS as they walk the tightrope between comedy and good taste. HEAR them performing together on the flying a cappella trapeze, with no instrumental net, without falling flat! THRILL as they ride the wild horses of dynamic expression and method acting! WATCH them tame the lions of integrated song-and-dance moves and polyphony!

Men of the West
Men of the West
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