Catch Music Flyer

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The Catch Music team invites you to attend its major fundraising concert ‘Local Blend’. You will enjoy a wonderful afternoon of eclectic music with well known Fremantle musician Dilip Parekh as MC and featuring Knotwork (a Celtic / Indigenous fusion band), Grace King (a Catch Music vocalist), Men of the West (a behatted behemoth of blokes who will surprise) and Beans Buma’s Boys of Rhythm (the high-octane drove of young mavericks determined to bring you all the raucous jazz-fuelled energy of the Roaring 20s)!!

Catch Music Inc is an inclusive music community which provides opportunities for musicians of all ages and abilities to meet together on a regular basis to create music. Catch Music especially encourages the participation of those who are socially isolated whether by physical, intellectual, mental or other challenges. Established in 2007, Catch Music aims to inspire people who have a passion for music to get connected, get involved and get engaged in new music opportunities.