Men of the West are a dark, behatted behemoth of blokes, singing anything from Georgian table songs to improbable hits. This mysterious male voice choir from Perth Western Australia first appeared at the Fairbridge festival in 2005. Since then they have materialised at many times and places, mainly in the general vicinity Fremantle, but also in regional WA and at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2014 and 2015.

In their musical oeuvre Men of the West valiantly attempt to redefine the predicament of the modern man while attempting to scale the peaks of pointless grandeur, magnificent manhomery, and poignant pathos. Led by director Ryan Nicholson much of the material is original songs from the zany hand of Stephen Taberner, founder of the Spooky Men’s Chorale, and includes crowd favourites like “Don’t Stand Between a Man and his Tool”.

The Men of the West were originally known as the Spooky Men of the West.  At odd times they have also appeared in the guise of the Dark Knights of Song.

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