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The Spooky Men adopt a laid-back approach to their Perth Fringe show

From the review by Annie Teh published in The West Australian, February 19, 2016.

“… the Spooky Men of the West have proved once again why they are beloved by their fans in WA. Delivering unique and gut-splitting lyrics with a straight face and brilliant acting, the group are a great example of home-grown talent with an indisputable track record of making you laugh. Man-laugh while riding a horse and chasing a mastodon, that is …”

From The Clothesline review of the Elder Hall concert at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, 28 Feb 2015.

“What a feast for the eyes and ears! Four choral groups performed before us in the beautiful acoustics of Elder Hall….The sassiness of the women is then counterpointed by the arrival of the Spooky Men Of The West as they saunter slowly on to the stage in their dark outfits, various hats and beards.; this bunch of blokes revel in their masculinity. Though not a Men’s group, they make sure we know they are men, that they are there and we notice them – ‘Yes’ – we see, hear and smell you! Ahhhmen. They love to sing about concrete, practice mysterious handshakes and are masters at ‘mastodontotry’ and ‘manhommery’. The lyrics are ironic (Don’t stand between a man and his tool), and accompanied by some very well executed comic theatre. Mostly originals, they do the occasional cover (Teddy Bears Picnic) but of course have to have a Spooky Men of The West twist!”

See the full review here.

The Dark Knights of Song, aka the Spooky Men of the West, had great success at the 2014 Adelaide Fringe Festival.  The Dark Knights of Song won a Highly Commended for the Fringe Weekly Awards for Best Music, as well as a five-star review in the Advertiser.

The reviewer in the Advertiser said:

“Under the inspired direction of spookmeister Micheál McCarthy, they present a show that abounds in deadpan and often self-deprecating humour, but is also a touching and serious reflection on the identity crisis that blokes face in the modern world.”

He also went on to say “As it was, they looked pretty ordinary, but their show is not”.  We are not so sure about the “looked pretty ordinary” bit.

See the full review here.

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