Greatest of all time“Greatest of all time”

Really enjoyed it, great harmonies, good stories and lots of laughs.
Reviewed by Alex R.
06 February 2022

Always fun and unexpected
Reviewed by Jillian P.
05 February 2022

One word: magnificent.
Reviewed by James C.
03 February 2022

Recycle that, would see again“Recycle that, would see again”

Great show, some amazing talent there, and I never knew they existed… 😲
Reviewed by Petra M.
05 February 2022

Beautiful singing with lots of charm and personality
Reviewed byEmma s.
04 February 2022

Such an enjoyable group of male singers. Clearly they love what they do and they do it well. Only a couple of shows left. Go see them!
Reviewed by Christine M.
04 February 2022

Very cleaver, and some amazing voices.
Reviewed by Dennis C.
03 February 2022

Something different and VERY good. Their passion shone through. Whilst the traditional songs were good the other songs made the night, and kept the laugh on your lips. Would recommend.
Reviewed by Deb T.
02 February 2022

Laughed so hard I cried“Laughed so hard I cried”

Such a clever and hilarious show. A very diverse mix of songs and a great dose of meta commentary to boot. Special shout out to their club anthem performance – takes a lot of effort to rapidly shift in and out of synchronisation. More people need to see this show!!
Reviewed by ANDREW R.
06 February 2022

Their Swedish rendition was my favourite! Can recommend.
Reviewed by Cass R.
03 February 2022

This was really a very entertaining show, männen are very good singers and it was also funny too. My only criticism is that the show description says we will learn about mysterious west men and our questions will be answered in the show but this is not true. They sing a very good number of songs and we all enjoyed it very much but that is all they do — see this show because männen sing well and are funny and not because the show description sells it to you.
Reviewed by Susan P.
03 February 2022

Great show with a bunch of humorous and handsome men!
Reviewed by hannah s.
02 February 2022

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